Which Human Foods Are OK To Feed Your Dog?

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to feed your dog healthy and nutritious foods. With healthy feeding, you can be assured that your dog is healthy and strong. A healthy dog is also expected to live a longer life. In fact, healthier dogs are active and happy too. So, you must ensure that your beloved pet is eating well. When your dog is eating properly, you would notice that it is easier to train your dog. If you notice anytime that your dog is not eating well, you should consult a vet right away.

Talking about feeding your dog, there are several options to choose from. You can feed your dog fresh foods or packed ones available at the supermarket. Both options are good as long as you are taking care of the daily nutritional requirement of your pet. You may not know that there are certain foods that you eat that you can feed your dog. There are also some food items that are unsafe for feeding dogs as they turn out to be toxic for them. So, you must know which human foods are OK to feed your dog. They are as discussed below:


We, as humans, love eating carrots. If you regularly eat carrots at home, you should try giving a piece to your pooch. You would be surprised to see that your dog is eating them. The carrots are a good source of vitamin A, as we all know, so they will benefit the dog. You must keep on mind to not overfeed carrots to your dog as it may have an adverse effect. Feeding carrots in moderation is a good idea.


Another good food that we humans love eating which is also good for dogs is the apple. The red fruit is also a good source of vitamin A along with vitamin C. It will also help aid the digestion of your pet as it is rich in fiber. When feeding apples to your dog, you must avoid feeding apples that are rotting as they will be harmful to the dog.


If you have nothing to feed your dog and forgot to stock up on dog food, you should not worry at all. You would also not have to starve your dog till morning when stores open up. If you have bread at home, you can simply feed some bread to your dog and that will be its dinner for the night.


Another great food that is OK to feed your dog is eggs. If you have a few eggs at home, you may consider feeding an egg or two to your dog. Do not feed raw eggs to your dog although it will readily eat them. You should rather cook the egg properly and feed it to your dog to ensure it gets digested well.

If you notice that your dog is not eating human foods, you would have to train your dog to start eating them. You should read about more human food options that are good for your dog.

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