- The Poor Porker -

est. 2012

The Poor Porker is the anchor to our Brand and how our story began. Since its launch in 2012 at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Market, The Poor Porker has become more than a food truck; it is a strong symbol of Lakeland’s rich entrepreneurial culture and profound communal identity.


The Poor Porker was originally named after a lifestyle blog founded in 2006 by owner Robyn Wilson, and has since transformed into the encouraging movement it is today. Robyn was raised on the foundational principle that the things one person may regard as nothing may, in-fact, be abundance and wealth to someone else. She believes that no matter who you are, no matter how little you think you have, you can always use the gifts, talents and resources you have been given to create something uniquely beautiful that can be generously shared with the world.

Robyn sought out ways to share this inspirational and empowering message with as many locals as possible. As an experienced chef and lover of Lakeland, Robyn decided to combine her culinary skills and passion for quality food, with her love for the community in a way that would truly make a lasting impression.



With a healthy dose of grit, and an equal measure of love - The Poor Porker was born!

Come visit, and bring your friends, family and fur babies along with you! With a new beignet recipe featured on the menu every two weeks, you and your loved ones will always have a reason to stop by and see what’s cooking.