Marie Claire

The Taste Makers - November 19, 2013 - Written by: Heather John

"These days, well-dressed can describe both what you make out of a closet and inside a kitchen."


Food & wine

                          Talentspotting - May 2015 - written by: daniel gritzer                                                              - photo by: pENNY & FINN photography

                                             "With $300 in savings and a simple food idea -artisanal beignets-                                                 ... have brought a moribund farmers' market back to life."




                             In The Reeds - July 23, 2012 - WRITTEN BY: lIZZIE                                 - pHOTO BY: Penny & Finn Photography

"There's something about Robyn Wilson of The Poor Porker, she is the perfect modern embodiment of Huck Finn—driven by adventure and turning good things into great things."


The Wall Street Journal

Chicory's 15 minutes - october 26, 2012 - written by: charlotte druckman

"The compexity of the flavor really surprises everyone."


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Edible Tampa Bay

                    The Air Out There - May 24, 2017 - Written by: Robin Sussingham                - photography by: bob thompson

"People come to 801 E. Main st. in Lakeland for the beignets. They stay for the magic."


The Lakelander

                 Sun Grown Substance - November 2017 - Written by: Robyn Wilson                   - pHOTOGRAPHY BY: TIFFANY JONES - STYLED BY: Lisa Mallot

                                           "Beautifully plated food doesn’t always have to be airy and delicate.                                              Sometimes a hearty meal is all our eyes are seeking to behold."

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The lakelander

                    Five summer cocktails - july 2017 - writen by: robyn wilson                     - photography by: tiffani jones - styled by: lisa mallot

"When I entertain, there must be the perfect balance of thoughtfulness and simplicity."


Timeout : the ledger

                      Food Meets Fashion - november 2013 - written by: erica pera                  - photography by: rick runion

"From her curly, cascading locks to her weather-resistant duck boots..."



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The lakelander

                                MI CASITA - MAY 2017 - WRITTEN BY: ROBYN WILSON                                - PHOTOGRAPHY BY: TIFFANI JONES - STYLED BY: LISA MALLOT

"The tastiest dishes are often the simplest. Few ingredients prepared well and with lots of love are key."


The Lakelander

                         Lakeland's food influencers - august 2017 - writen by:                          kristin crosby - photography by: jason stephens

                 "They are the reason rural parts of Lakeland, once deemed vacant, are flourishing with new life,                  surely a new aroma."

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Huffington POST

The Poor Porker - March 11,2013 - Video by: dark rye

                     The Poor Porker’s modest but very real success shows that when something’s done sincerely,                          people will rally behind it, especially if it involves fried dough."


The Chalkboard

The Poor Porker's Roasted Pumpkins with Lentils

"...whips up crowd-pleasing homemade recipes of all shapes and sizes"