"People come to The Poor Porker in Lakeland for the beignets. They stay for the magic." - Edible Tampa Bay

We exist to make you feel inspired, connected, and passionate about our city.
You are invited into our space in hopes that you may find adventure, inspiration, community, and food made with all the love in the world. 

"Hard work is love made visible."

Founded by Robyn Wilson in 2015, The Poor Porker is home to Bar Calexico and Las Espinas. Since its grand unveiling in the Fall of 2015, The Poor Porker has continued to serve as Lakeland’s top destination for Porker coffee, homemade beignets, live music,  and a great selection of beer and wine.

Robyn curated the eclectic design of The Poor Porker to tell the story of us all, and show that with a little we can create something both beautiful and original. That’s why each week photographers, artists, designers, writers and creatives make their way to this creative mecca in search of inspiration, coffee, connection and a place to truly belong.

Robyn brought the space to life by transforming an abandoned service station which had occupied the lot since the early 1920’s. Robyn saw beauty where others saw dust, potential where others saw a problem; and instead of tearing the gas station down, Robyn transformed it into something new, beautiful and original. Bringing new life to old walls, and inviting the local community to join her on the journey.

Robyn affectionately refers to The Poor Porker as “a place the community has built” and when you’re here, we hope you feel the same. Everything and everyone has a story. You may find yourself sipping coffee in a renovated camper, eating at a table built by your neighbor, or sitting on a bench held up by two bright red fire hydrants that once called your street corner home. When you look to the center of 801 you will see an authentic 10-foot-tall teepee. This teepee is yet another physical representation of 801’s celebration of family found in community.

The Poor Porker was intentionally chosen to represent the strong identity and loving heart of the Lakeland community for which and by which the space was created.



This is a place where people come to gather, to connect with their community, and to be 100% themselves. The Poor Porker is a gathering place for all people, and we do not judge based upon other religion, sexuality, age or personal style. We believe that connecting with our neighbors can and will make us better people, and we warmly welcome all to our home.