Hard Work is Love made Visible

The Idea

We exist to make you feel beautiful, handsome, inspired and connected. .
We invite you into our space in hopes to trigger an adventure, inspire your passion, enjoy great food, company, or simply take a deep breath and explore until your hearts content.

Our Mantra 

Living well within your means

The History

A thousand miles later, with a dream in our hearts and $300 dollars in our pockets, The Poor Porker arrived in Lakeland, Florida in search to make a dream happen and create something beautiful that would inspire a community to come together. It was a daily battle with myself to believe that the lack of money wasn't an obstacle but instead, it was a challenge I would accept and overcome. Passion and creativity would be the things to fuel this journey.

It is the idea of "living within your means", I believe you and I have everything we need to make this work and to make "it" (our goals and dreams) happen. I was determined to truly prove to myself I had it in me and I could make it happen with drive, passion and hard work . I made a decision to go on this journey, and I wouldn't give up or look back.

We didn’t start here and our story doesn’t end here either.

Love is what keeps us moving forward. I believe that hard work is love made visible, and thats what we do - our team. We dream and we work hard to create a space where people come together from all walks of life to be inspired and have a good time.

We've come a long way since our first booth! From our first week in a two-person booth to today's bigger, more permanent location 801 E Main. We've loved every minute of sharing our beignets, chicory coffee, stories, and smiles with you. 

801 E Main is growing, we are the hub to The Poor Porker, Bearcat Big 6 and the Ruins Bar. It's all thanks to you! As we build our dream and expand the space at 801 E. Main, we look forward to filling bellies, making friends, and loving the Lakeland community just like we have for the past few years.

-Robyn Wilson