Easy Rice Meals

My husband and I like to keep it real simple when we make our morning routine. That is, we pretty much just throw together whatever is in our cabinets and go from there. That was before we discovered the greatness of having a microwave, a toaster oven, a toaster, and a food processor! We did not have these wonderful tools at our disposal when we first started our food preparation; yet we look back and appreciate them so much. We would not be having the “normal” breakfast or brunch each morning if it were not for the little things we were able to prepare with these tools.

One of the biggest mistakes that most new cooks (and some more experienced ones) make when they are trying to come up with a good looking, healthy dinner is to go first to the store. They go first thing in the morning and they go second thing in the evening. You do not put eggs in your omelet if you are trying to cook rice. Eggs do not go well with risotto. You do not chop onions finely in order to make delicious barbeque chicken if you have no onions. When you go to the store to buy ingredients, you take one item and leave another.

The same thing goes for other things in our daily routine. For example, we use canned vegetables in our soup. That means we fill a container with cold veggies and put a can opener on top. We do not put tomatoes in our spaghetti sauce because we can get a bag of tomato sauce from the store. We do not chop onions finely because it looks like something that we could do at home. When we go to the store for ingredients in the morning, it is usually just rice that we use.

Rice just does not look like it should be added to anyone’s morning routine. It looks like it is one more chore that we have to do before we can get started on our day. In reality, there is only one place where rice can be used in your morning routine. It should be in your wan na.

You will never see a cook book that would suggest otherwise. If you add rice porridge to your breakfast, it will taste as good as what you might get from a restaurant. If you were to eat rice porridge with kuih or other pickled food from a restaurant, you will find it tastes even worse than what you might get from a store.

If you have ever eaten a piece of rice porridge after you eat dinner, then you know it is going to taste much better than what you would normally eat. If you have never cooked rice porridge, then you are missing out on a great way to eat lots of rice every day. If you have not cooked rice porridge before, then you should learn to do it and be amazed by what you can make.

You will find it very easy to make rice porridge if you have a rice cooker. When you go to buy a rice cooker, you will probably notice that they all look quite the same. But once you start to use your new rice cooker, you will realize that there are all sorts of great features that you can find. Some of the best features that you will find include having the ability to make different varieties of rice, being able to cook different kinds of meat in them, and even being able to cook a variety of things on them. It really is impossible to go shopping for a new cooker and not find something that has a feature that you could use.

If you need to buy a rice cooker, make sure that you go with the best brand. You want something that will work well and last for many years. That being said, there are some brands out there that are just a waste of space and money. You will want to take the time to read some reviews about the rice cookers that you are considering and maybe even consider buying a used rice cooker instead. You will be able to find one at a great price and it will work just as good as if you had bought it brand new.

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