Budget-Friendly Healthy Food

Cheap healthy food is not that hard to find if you know how and where. In today’s economy with the prices of almost everything on the rise, you need to save money. Most of us have cut back or done without on a lot of the things we enjoy. But one thing we are still eating and that is lots of fast food. So what can you do?

You could start by buying some smaller more economical grocery items that will fill you up and keep your budget in check. You should be able to find foods such as stir fry, pasta, beans and lentils. Stir fry is made from steamed white rice and can be used for almost anything. It has the fiber and lower calorie count of most other cheaper foods. That’s great news if you are trying to lose weight or are just trying to keep you body in shape.

You could also check out a health food store and buy bulk oats. Oats are great because they have fiber and lower calorie count. You can also get them in the health food store in bags or boxes. Just make sure they are oats and not millet or corn. They are usually cheaper in the grocery store.

You can also buy sweet potatoes in bulk at the grocery store. The sweet potato is one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy. They are packed with vitamins and minerals too. For about the same price as a medium sized bean, you can get enough green salads to eat with your sweet potato. This is a great way to keep your veggies out of the oven while keeping your budget in check.

Cheap Healthy Food is all about variety. That is why it’s great to find foods you can grab a bag of or that you can cook in the oven. Instead of buying whole dairy cheeses, go to the grocery store and buy some low fat cheese slices. Keep your fat intake low and you will be better off. If you like fruit juices, look for the deals at the grocery store.

Some of the healthiest foods you can buy are fresh fruit and vegetables. You can save a lot of money by shopping at the grocery store and picking up healthy fruits and vegetables instead of paying more for unhealthy canned veggies. When you get to the clearance section, you will probably be surprised at all the healthy foods you can save money on. These items include pasta, chicken nuggets, tuna wraps, all types of wraps and more.

One of the best cheap healthy food staples is peanut butter. Even if you stay away from peanuts, you can still use peanuts to help cut down on your grocery bill. It only takes two cents per ounce. The best deals are for organic peanut butter. It has zero trans fats and is much healthier than other types of peanut butter.

Cauliflower is another great healthy alternative. It is also a great alternative to soy-based products, which are often less healthy than regular soy. For around five cents per cup, it is one of the best cuisines you can eat. Cauliflower is also available in whole pieces or in steamed florets. The steamed cauliflower is particularly good when you make a salad with it, since it adds an extra touch of flavor.

Carrots are also a great cheap food. They are very nutritious and good for you. For around five cents per cup, carrots are an excellent source of both vitamin A and potassium, which are essential for healthy bones and muscles. While they are mostly popular in Asian and Italian cuisines, you can enjoy carrots just about anywhere.

Finally, lentils are a terrific choice for hearty and flavorful meals. At only 11 cents per cup, lentils can easily fit into your diet even if you don’t like vegetables. They are hearty and have lots of fiber. If you do eat vegetables, be sure not to eat too many, because you will be giving up a lot of minerals along the way. These are also very good for digestion.

If you need to go out and buy some fast foods, look for deals at the end of the day. The cheapest foods are those that are already cooked. If you look in the late afternoon, you will often find large portions of frozen dinners, including chicken nuggets, that are on sale. You may be surprised at how little you actually need to cook a meal if you look carefully at the cheap food at the end of the day.

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