- Bar Calexico -

Bar Calexico is an eclectic bar and live music venue with a great selection of wine, local beer, and specialty drinks. Located within the old service station, this beautiful space is a top destination welcoming guests from throughout Lakeland, FL and the surrounding cities.


Looking for the party? You’re in the right place! Locals come to Bar Calexico for the drinks, live music and karaoke, but stay for the magic that is created when you combine great vibes, new friendships and a good time!


Upon arriving, guests notice the rich history deeply-rooted into the aesthetic of the bar. Founder Robyn Wilson and the team expertly use each glass and every surface to tell the story of Bar Calexico. It is a beautiful and inspirational narrative, and at the heart of everything they say and do. 

The name Bar Calexico was inspired by a small town located over 2,000 miles away, and nestled comfortably near the border of California and Mexico. Calexico, CA is the birth place of Robyn’s beautiful mother, affectionately known as Mama Bones. When Mama Bones was 24 and living in Hollywood, CA she met Robyn’s father, who was 19 at the time. As an interracial couple living in racially turbulent times of 1975, Robyn’s parents chose to take a risk for love, rebelling against the societal norms of that day and age. Just six weeks after meeting, they were married in Las Vegas and have been madly in love ever since.

Bar Calexico is not only a tribute to the ongoing love story of Robyn’s parents, it is a celebration of all people who continue choosing to love regardless of how others may define it.

As an LGBTQ friendly bar, the team at Bar Calexico warmly invites and celebrates the love of friends, family and significant others with all people!

So grab a drink and settle in. You’re in for a night of great music, new friendships and warm conversations spent with those you love.