Yay for free barstools!

Obviously the garbage gods were with us when we found the perfect barstools to go with our kitchen island on the side of the road in a trash heap.

We used a paint sample that resembled the greenish colored metal that we found for our kitchen island.. At first glance, the color was WAY off but Jarrid worked his magic. Our favored approach to creating authentic age and stress on an object is to apply extreme forces of nature. In this case, we used a torch to represent heat from sunlight, sandpaper and a paint scraper to represent wind and weathering.

We found these vintage pillows at a local estate sale for 50 cents.. They're perfect cushions for our barstools!

We used a piece of scrap pressed board to make the seat, cut a square out of the back of the pillow and then stapled it to the wood.

We used scotch guard to protect our cushions from the inevitable mishap.

Trash to treasure. Sweet.