Uncomplicated Calamari

This week we stopped in at one of our local restaurants and couldn't resist  ordering the calamari..  Unfortunately, we ended up getting a plate full of crispy fried balloons. Blegh.

How could the calamari be THAT bad when its so easy to make?

First of all, don't buy cut calamari rings breaded or un breaded. Buy cleaned, ready to cut calamari and season it yourself. Flashed frozen works great. Season all purpose flour any way you like. We used  ground pepper and apple wood smoked sea salt.

Dredge your freshly cut calamari in your seasoned flour then drop small amounts it into a temperature controlled counter top fryer heated to 375 degrees. If you don't have one, a frying thermometer and pot works just fine. You'll just have to be careful that the temperature of the oil stays consistent.

Fry them until light golden brown (don't over cook) and season immediately. We used a blend of dried chili and smoked salt then topped with lemon zest and juice. Yummo!