Toolbox turned plant stand... wicked!

Turning a bit of trash to treasure.. I found this rat infested old cabinet box, being used as a toolbox in an old garage. With the door alone I had a million ideas but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t separate any part of this old piece.

I simply cut and added feet for support using the old boards with wood glue and grey screws. Next, I cut supports for the door to become a strong top. I'd like to rest plants on this so it needs to be solid. Any time I made a cut to the old wood exposing the new wood, I would paint it to match. Now I attach the door to my new cross supports using wood glue and finish nails. I use a small ball peen hammer to make sure the nail head is sunk even to the surface.

Finally, I sealed it with a water sealer. This one is great because it allows the wood to still grey naturally.

Then simply decorate… This is just too easy..  If you don’t know how to use a drill and a hammer it’s never to late to learn. Just don’t let it be to late to express your self, using the world around you….~Jarrid