The Poor Porker LA

The weather in Florida in August can be pretty brutal so the Lakeland downtown farmers market closes shop...

In lieu of a vacation, we decided to build a Poor Porker booth for little to no money in Los Angeles. Some said this was going to be impossible feat in LA.. People just don’t THROW AWAY good stuff there. Apparently we’re a little crazy.

We just can’t resist a good challenge.

Wherever we looked we found. Amazing, really. Our vision came together and in record time.

The first of two Poor Porker pop ups happened at Soho House in West Hollywood. It was so cool to see our (slightly insane) creation in such a gorgeous place.  Many thanks to Tino at Soho House who helped us carry the booth up an entire flight of stairs (it was a little TOO big for the elevator.. uh oh) and to our friend Rachel, the event was fantastic..

LA was so good to us.. We love this piece by Ali Trachta in the LA Weekly..The Poor Porker: Beignets, Coffee + The Coolest Couple You Could Hope to Meet.. 

Photo by R.E.Photography

The second was at a beautiful boutique called Espionageon Beverly blvd. Many thanks to Taylor for giving us such a warm welcome.

It was so wonderful to be able to share our beignets with our friends in LA! We're so happy that so many of you came out to see us!

Photo by R.E.Photography

Photo by R.E. Photography 

Photo by R.E. Photography

Hmmm.. We wonder where The Poor Porker will pop up next?