Quick DIY industrial chandelier

Our house is a serious work in progress.. first things first.. LIGHTING!

The best way to start any DIY project is to look around at what you already have and then figure out what is needed. I found a cool rusty piece from a horse carriage that I knew would make a perfect lighting fixture/ centerpiece for our home.


Using 3 inexpensive work lights that you can find at any hardware store for around $6 a piece, I drilled holes using a  Vari- Bit (a cone shaped with varying sizes)..  Choose the size that is closest to the size  of the work lights base but wide enough for the plug to go through. You can pull the cords through the metal tube using a wire.  Be creative with how you hide and plug in your cords. I weaved them through the hanging chain.  I then added a 2 part steel putty to adhesive the fixtures in place on the metal. You can paint the putty when it's dry to match the base.

There you have it! A $12 chandelier! Yes, window treatments are next on the agenda. haha.