"Orleans Chic Martini"

3 ½ oz bourbon

1 oz cream

One egg white

½ oz chicory coffee syrup

Whole coffee bean to grate for garnish…

This one is so easy… Great for the morning after.. or night of..if you want it to last all night..

First add 2 oz of bourbon to shot glass and shoot because this cocktail takes a little time...Second, the chicory coffee syrup- You're gonna have extra from this which is awesome right? Add equal parts chicory coffee to equal parts cane sugar. Bring to rapid boil, reduce heat to hard simmer and reduce by half. When reduced set aside and let cool. When cool, add syrup, egg white, and cream and dry shake without ice to froth egg white.. Then add ice and remaining oz of bourbon and shake well. Strain into martini glass and grate coffee bean over top… Enjoy it with hot, fresh beignets and you have the perfect adult Sunday morning… Or typical Tuesday for me.. ;)Jarrid