Love notes and cigar boxes

I adore Ybor City in Tampa.

King Corona Cigar shoppe has one of the best coffee drinks we've ever had. The 'Cafe Corona' has the perfect blend of espresso, milk, caramel and cayenne.. YUM!

One of the great things about cigar shops is the masses of empty boxes they have for sale.. They're usually extremely inexpensive and they're great for all kinds of fun projects..

Cigar box chalkboards make it really easy to make every day Valentines Day and they're super easy to make.

First, cover the edges of the bottom of the chalkboard with painters tape and lightly sand any rough or embossed areas. Paint the wood with chalkboard paint.... you'll need a couple coats. Be sure to wait until the paint fully dries before writing anything on it. It'll take 24 hours. Plain chalk works well but I really like erasable chalkboard pens. You can find them at specialty craft markets like Hobby Lobby.

I grew up seeing love notes that my dad wrote my mom every day.  Seriously, EVERY single day he took the time to write down how much he loved her. It's a pretty beautiful sight to see. I'd like to carry on the tradition.. X Robyn