Living the dream

A couple months ago we stumbled on the website The 99 percent, insights on making ideas happen and this amazing talk...James Victore- Your work is a gift. We've watched it over and over. Upon further investigating, we found that has these amazing 3-day symposiums in New York City. A virtual land of inspiration. We must meet people like this, we told ourselves and checked in to the fees. $1000 per person at the very least, oh my.. How in the world could we afford to pay $1000 for this when we can hardly pay our rent? Nevertheless, we felt it. We knew. Somehow, something would work. Fast forward a month and we get an email from Dark Rye, Whole Foods' new online inspiration based publication. They'd like to fly us to Brooklyn to take part in a small gathering of 'makers' from around the US. Amazing. 2 weeks later, we're in Brooklyn at the loveliest dinner and in the company of some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs we've ever met. Guess who was sitting right in front of us? This guy, James Victore. The guy that started this whole 'We must get to New York and meet with inspiring people' thing in the first place.

 Stay tuned for a feature about The Poor Porker on Dark Rye which will include a video by Bureau of Common Goods!! It should be out sometime in November. We'll keep you posted!

 Ps. Many thanks to Logan Crumpton of the food blog Eat a duck- Purveyors of delectable discoursefor sending us this instagram pic. That dinner was so amazingly wonderful.. A night we will never forget. x