It's a fridge makeover

Our fridge, though quite large and pretty awesome, isn't so great on the good looking front. We've been lusting after Lara Rossignols gorgeous smegrefrigerator on her photo blog called Piewacket for awhile now. Let me tell you, I've had dreams of this fridge (really). The style is pure perfection.. but alas, why in the world would we spend $2000 on a refrigerator when we already have a perfectly good one?


1 can of magnetic primer, a can of chalkboard paint and some leftover paint for the trim, after.

Photos by Penny & Finn

Sure, it's not perfect. It doesn't have the smooth retro lines and glossy color like a Smeg... BUT, now it's a menu board/inspiration board/ refrigerator all in one. We pretty much love it.