Impromptu Crab Boil

Impromptu crab boil..

5 lbs. crab

5 red potatoes

Old bay seasoning

1 stick butter

2 Shallots

2 cloves of garlic

Balsamic vinegar


Live fresh Crab is already amazing so you never need to do to much. Remember you’re bigger than the crab so don’t be intimidated. Just imagine it in your belly and continue.. Here’s some help if you need it…


If the crab is frozen and already broken down, I like to soak it in salt water for a bit before using.. Get it back to the ocean for a bit..

Put your red potatoes in well salted water..

Bring up to rapid boil, then reduce to hard boil for 10 min then add broke down crab and season liberally with Old bay. Boil for ten more minutes and remove from heat. Test potatoes by stabbing with a pairing knife. The knife should slide out easily..

In a separate pan sauté the chopped shallots on medium low heat in olive oil, when shallots are translucent add diced garlic and whole stick of butter and reduce heat. When the butter starts to have a nutty scent add the balsamic vinegar.

Drain water from crab and potato then pour butter / vinegar sauce on and mix to coat. Salt and pepper liberally to taste. Add more Old bay as desired..

Corn is also a nice side to have with this or add to the pot. I made some sweet cream corn separately and added some Old Bay into it with my seasoning..

Enjoy! -Jarrid