Hand Smoked Chicory

I'm in love with chicory. The smell, the taste, the whole small batch hand smoking experience just speak to me. Ancient Egypt and Rome used it for medical purposes and ate it as a vegetable. In the 1800's coffee was considered a luxury item; instead people brewed chicory as an economical replacement. Again in the 1930's during the Great Depression people returned to chicory as a replacement for coffee.

Chicory Coffee

1 Tbs Ground Chicory 1 Tbs Ground Coffee 6 oz Water

Blend the coffee and chicory and then brew with 6 oz water. Caffeine Free Chicory "Coffee"

1 1/2 Tbs Ground Chicory 6 oz Water

blend and brew, steep, or use your favorite french press.

There are numerous ways to use chicory. Just like coffee the strength people enjoy varies from person to person. Play around with the ratios to develop your perfect flavor.

You can always pick up some of our hand smoked small batch chicory at our local farmers market booth or order online at our new web store! 

Check back for more chicory recipes coming soon!