Grand Pappy's breakfast


First off, welcome to the libations section of The Poor Porker. So lets just jump in and get shi*#y,shall we…

The first cocktail I created for you incorporates my own personal holy trinity. . Bourbon, bacon, and smoke..…. I’ll wait while you clean up the mess you just made when you heard that.. Go ahead, I’ll be here. Now, these three lovely things have been around a long time.. Much longer than I, especially smoke. They have also been together on more than one occasion but I’m willing to bet you’re  willing to hear about another one.. If not, drag your knuckles around on the ground until you’re in touch with your inner Neanderthal.

Because they’re so old,  I’ve appropriately named this cocktail “ Grand Pappy’s Breakfast”… It has every thing you need to start your crotchety old day off , after a night of karaoke and beer at the fish camp bar with the toothless bar maid..


Grand Pappy’s Breakfast


¼ oz of fresh lime juice

½ oz of pure cane syrup (I like Steen’s)

3 ½ oz of bourbon ( Old Grand-dad is appropriate I feel)

Snifter or brandy glass

Crispy bacon

J&D’s hickory bacon salt

Vanilla pipe tobacco (I used the Captain Tom blend from Edward’s in Lakeland FL)

A Poly Science “smoking gun” or other electric smoking device. The smoking gun can be found at William Sonoma and is relatively cheap online. Your friends will be so impressed that you were able to incorporate your bong into adult drinking. Otherwise, have your guest take a drag of an actual pipe with vanilla tobacco and blow into their glass. This can be fun as well.


Chill snifter with ice and set aside.

Add the ½ oz cane syrup, ¼ oz lime juice, and 2oz bourbon into shaker and stir. (Put the extra 1 ½ oz of bourbon in a shot glass and make your guest shoot because you’re taking so long making the drink… It‘s just logical.)

Add ice and stir again.

Empty snifter of ice and roll the rim in cane syrup then in hickory bacon salt.

Strain and pour into snifter.

Garnish with bacon and smoke the glass with vanilla pipe smoke and serve immediately. Wait for compliments and except graciously.. Jarrid ;)