Free + a little diligence = The most amazing hutch EVER!

6 months ago we came across this 1930's wall shelf in a dumpster next to a mechanic shop. Jarrid didn't want it because it looked like a lot of work but with a little convincing and a few splinters, we gave it a new home.

One day, while strolling around Hyde Park in Tampa, I dragged Jarrid into Anthropologie for a little DIY inspiration. Immediately I fell in love with a gorgeous buffet that happened to be $9000.. Obviously we couldn't  afford that but Jarrid was sure that we could make one pretty similar ourselves.

On many occasions, especially in historic neighborhoods, we've found that there are nice piles of discards from recent renovations of homes and yards. We picked up these old fence pieces that became the shelving and decor of our hutch. They're perfect because nature made them beautiful. Real time and weather make the most amazing colors and textures in wood.

We used a pipe from the old water tank that we made the kitchen island out of. Chicken wire from our yard was used on the doors.

We decorated with items that we found in local thrift stores and junk yards. An old feather pillow became the curtains.


No picture could do this piece justice, it's our new favorite. We love it even more than the one that inspired it.