DIY scavenger art

On one of our recent scavenger hunts, we came across a mangy mounted deer head in a dumpster. Though Robyn reasoned with me to let this one go, I immediately had a vision for this and was compelled to see it through.

This animal was once living and it seems right to honor its life a third time. It's very easy to pass up things in this condition.. Or just bury it and move on..

Judging by the first photo, you may be thinking that this was a doe, but actually someone ripped the horns out before discarding in the dumpster. Deer horns already mimic branches so I used a couple in place of the missing horns.

This is what I used to create this piece...

Bondo to set the horns in place

Leftover latex caulking and liquid nail to create the melting affect

Flat black spray paint and glossy black paint to unify the entire piece

Some may see this piece as a bit morbid but although dark, as an artist, this truly brings me joy. We are honored to give this beautiful animal a third life and a new home.