Creme de la boot

One day last year while window-shopping in Malibu, Jarrid and I found the holy grail of vintage motorcycle boots. They were perfectly worn in soft, buttery brown leather and living in the Ralph Lauren store with a nice and hefty $800 price tag on them. Obviously $800 boots weren't in the budget, so sadly, we set them down...I never forgot about those beauties. Fast forward 8 months and I'm in a busy thrift shop in Tampa. I'm wandering past the shoe section when I see these bad boys sitting atop a pile of marked down items. I pick them up, realize they're Jarrids size exactly and snatch them up like I've never snatched before. I rush to the counter to pay, my heart beating fast and the sweet girl at the counter says to me, "that'll be $10 please".... YESSSSSS!  BEST. SCORE. EVER. ...And Jarrid has been praising me ever since.