A drink for the dry land

 Some say prickly pair, I say cactus apple. Throw in a salt rim and some tequila, and you have a desert succulent showcase in a glass. I used to risk being stuck with thousands of small hair like needles in my lips and fingers just to eat these as a kid. I play it safe now and just get them at one of the many roadsides or Hispanic markets in my area. They are usually very large and have no needles on them and you can get them green either green or red. The red are more ripe and subtle while the green is slightly sourer. For my cocktail I used both, the red as my syrup, and the green lightly muddled and shaken into the cocktail. The recipe is as follows.

Cactus Apple Cocktail

1 oz of cactus apple syrup

1 oz pulp of green cactus seeds and pulp

¼ oz lime juice

2 oz Don Julio silver tequila

Salt on a small flat plate

1 lime wedge

1 lime slice

For red cactus apple syrup:

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of sugar

½ cup of cactus apple pulp

Small dash of salt

Bring water and sugar to a boil. Add pulp and boil for 2 more min. Turn off heat and add dash of salt. Strain out seeds and pulp; make sure to press out all the flesh around the seeds. Refrigerate immediately.

Bar tools:

Bar glass and Shaker

Strainer and small fine strainer



Add ice to a martini glass and set aside.

Add cactus syrup, green pulp and lime juice in a shaker, muddle lightly. Your not trying to crush the seeds, just extract the flesh. Then add the tequila and muddle a few seconds more. Discard ice in martini glass. Run a lime wedge around the rim and roll in salt.  Now fill shaker with ice and shake rigorously. Strain using strainer and fine strainer. Garnish with thin lime slice and enjoy..