Campfire Coffee and Mugs

We are so proud to bring you our Campfire Coffee and signature enamel mugs. This is such a dream come true for us. 

Campfire coffee starts with our proprietary smoking process using organic chicory root and hickory, We then grind and blend our smoked chicory with freshly roasted fair trade organic coffee.  We work in small batches to make sure the ingredients are always fresh and the batches remain consistent.

Our custom enamel mugs are hand made in Europe by a manufacturer who uses WWII era machinery. Each steel mug is hand-dipped in enamel. The rim and handle, the areas that get the most wear, receive a second dipping to ensure strength and durability. Our Campfire Coffee logo is then baked into the enamel for a seamless finish. These mugs will be enjoyed for a lifetime! 

You can pick these up at our booth or order online.