We have become absolutely obsessed with natural hand dyed indigo. There is something about the rich blues it creates and the magic of the oxidation process that really steals your heart despite the time intensive process.

All of our denim started out natural and undyed.

We dipped the denim in our vat of natural indigo dye, ring them out, and then hang each piece on the line to allow the indigo to work its magic.

When fabrics dipped natural indigo are pulled from the vat they are a yellowish green. Then as the air hits them they oxidize and turn the most amazing blue.

Each piece of denim goes through this dipping process 9 to 10 time to achieve a truly breath taking shade of indigo. 

all photos by the amazing  Penny and Finn

all photos by the amazing Penny and Finn

It is a lot of hard work, but we take pride in know each piece is worthy of bearing the Poor Porker logo and becoming one of our hand crafted Indigo Aprons.