Liquids Smoking Kit

Fancy an instant campfire in a cup with out setting off the smoke alarm? Then our liquid smoking kit is perfect for you.  Our kit allows you to add a perfect hickory smoked flavor to any liquid you choose.

Our special Liquid Smoking Chicory is slow roasted and hand smoked in small batches to achieve the perfect smoky flavor.


The beauty of our liquid smoking kit is its simplicity. For years chefs, foodies, and mixologists have been using a variety of complex methods to infuse their food and drinks with smoky flavor. Unfortunately most of them are super expensive and overall very in effective.


The cigar inspired box is hand crafted locally by the talent Thomas Monaco. Our filters are all hand cut and sewn locally. The chicory is slow roasted and hand smoked in small batches to give it that perfect hickory flavor.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new and exciting Liquid Smoking Kit, now available in our store.

Check back soon for new smoky recipes!